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Dancing With Class™ is the youth outreach division of May I Have This Dance™, and is a leading provider of in-school and after-school dance programs. Through our innovative social and multi-cultural dance curriculum, we bring the Art & Etiquette of Dance into the lives of young people. Watch this VIDEO to see us in action!


Dancing_w_Class To dance is to find joy epitomized. Happy Thursday http://t.co/uc2sUGroKt
Dancing_w_Class Representing for the All-Stars! Can't wait to reconvene the whole group on December 20. http://t.co/pX1EZfdQAH
Dancing_w_Class Today is #Thankadanceteacher Day! We just want to say thank you to all of our teaching staff for working to... http://t.co/ArIcHne9ly
Dancing_w_Class National Dance Educators Organization conference participants spent the morning dancing with CPS 5th graders.... http://t.co/yKPt34Kz92
Dancing_w_Class Congrats to Blaine School for 10 YEARS of making ballroom/social dance part of its Fine Arts and Social Emotional... http://t.co/Vwcm7t71g0
Dancing_w_Class Here is a cool opportunity for teens/youth to learn Lindy Hop, the grandparent of all swing dances! http://t.co/eZ2wOuMMaL
Dancing_w_Class THIS ...and saying "5-6-7-8" is the best way to get everyone listening and ready to go! http://t.co/0eoYgCjbQk
Dancing_w_Class Learn Thriller with Miss Brenda Jocelyn! http://t.co/0PEOfMEP0m
Dancing_w_Class THANKS to all of the DwC All-Star campaign supporters. The online campaign closes this evening. Last-minute... http://t.co/bKFMdZdCV8
Dancing_w_Class Thanks Glowout for hosting a smashing party to celebrate a successful fundraising campaign! http://t.co/hRGzZsE8ZS