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Dancing With Class™ is the youth outreach division of May I Have This Dance™, and is a leading provider of in-school and after-school dance programs. Through our innovative social and multi-cultural dance curriculum, we bring the Art & Etiquette of Dance into the lives of young people. Watch this VIDEO to see us in action!

Dancing_w_Class Inspiring work by a high school dance team. https://t.co/eTSWZnU0xS
Dancing_w_Class Sixth graders perform a Pink Panther Fox Trot! #teadance https://t.co/IVdix7099x
Dancing_w_Class 2016 Blaine Tea Dance tonight! Here's a clip from last year's show. https://t.co/niJUft0JtL
Dancing_w_Class Help keep kids at Murray Language Academy dancing! https://t.co/8mue4ERbI9 https://t.co/WJJWFGHxGm
Dancing_w_Class Congrats to the DwC All Stars and their awesome coach miss Denita Inez for their wonderful performance at the... https://t.co/zyEVYNNPIu
Dancing_w_Class Be-bop, a doo wop, a wobble dee POP! https://t.co/Gk2WwU2H4a
Dancing_w_Class Help our friends at McKay Elementary SCARE HUNGER! https://t.co/G9ej4A6cPk
Dancing_w_Class Bulldogs v. Falcons ....dance off about to begin! https://t.co/AqnBBJP2dL
Dancing_w_Class Great way to "pay it forward" with kind words at school! https://t.co/uoPpDnPRMe
Dancing_w_Class Dance sparks brain cell connections responsible for acquiring knowledge and thinking. https://t.co/daw4PYKYco